Vestel Gas Cooker Size 90X60 FP96F51X

Vestel Gas Cooker - Size 90x60 full stainless steel gas free standing cooker- 5 Gas Euro Pool CAST IRON pan& Burners- Gas oven- Gas Grill Thermostat- Closed Grill(Non CE Gas Thermostat + Function Fan with auto cut off with grill)- Oven Light- True button Ignition-  Mat enamel pan support- Door- Roti..

250.950 OMR

Vestel Cooker 90*60 FG965G

90x60 full gas free standing cooker, 5 Gas Euro Pool Burners, Gas oven, Gas Grill, Grill Oven Light, Knob through Ignition, Mat enamel pan support, Door,Rotisserie,Mechanical Timer,1 tray,1 grid, Inox, BS plug, Straphore Shrink Package, Gas Pressure Regulator..

187.950 OMR

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