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BenQ 23.8 inch Monitor, 1080p, IPS Panel, Eye-care Technology (GW2480)

Edge to Edge Ultra Slim Bezel Design,Brightness Intelligence Technology,Flicker Free..

62.895 OMR

BenQ 21.5-inch Eye-care Stylish IPS Monitor (GW2283)

Slim Bezel Design with Cable Management System..

50.295 OMR

Acer 24 22%

Acer 24" Gaming LED Monitor 165Hz (UM.UX1EE.S01)


69.825 OMR 89.145 OMR

BenQ 24 inch 144 Hz e-Sports Gaming Monitor XL2411K
BenQ 24 inch 144 Hz e-Sports Gaming Monitor XL2411K

BenQ 24 inch 144 Hz e-Sports Gaming Monitor XL2411K

Resolution 1920*1080, 144 Hz, 1ms Response Time, Panel Type TN..

99.750 OMR 136.395 OMR

Acer Aspire5 A514-53-386D/14' FHD/i3-1005G1/4GB/256GB SSD/Silver (NX.HUPEM.009)

A514-53-386D/14' FHD/i3-1005G1/4GB/256GB SSD/Silver..

230.895 OMR

Acer Aspire5 A514-53-59QT/14' FHD/i5-1035G1/8GB/512GB SSD/Silver (NX.HUPEM.00A)

A514-53-59QT/14' FHD/i5-1035G1/8GB/512GB SSD/Silver..

283.395 OMR

Acer Aspire5 A515-45G-R2LF 15.6'FHD/Ryzen5 5500/8GB/512SSD/2GB RX640/SilverFPBL (NX.A8AEM.002)

A515-45G-R2LF 15.6'FHD/Ryzen5 5500/8GB/512SSD/2GB RX640/SilverFPBL..

293.895 OMR

Acer Nitro5 AN515-44-R1QC-15.6'FHD-Ryzen5-4600H-8GB-1TB SSD-4GBGTX1650-BlackBL-Mouse+headset (NH.Q9GEM.00C)

AN515-44-R1QC15.6'FHD-Ryzen5-4600H-8GB-1TB SSD-4GBGTX1650BlackBL-Mouse+headset..

388.395 OMR

Out Of Stock

Acer Nitro5 AN515-55-5715 15.6'FHD/i5 10300H/8GB/512SSD/4GB GTX1650/BlackBL (NH.Q7MEM.013)

AN515-55-5715 15.6'FHD/i5 10300H/8GB/512SSD/4GB GTX1650/BlackBL..

398.895 OMR

Acer Nitro5 AN515-55-73EM 15.6'144Hz/i7 10750H/16GB/1024SSD/6GBRTX2060/BlackRGB BL (NH.Q7QEM.003)

AN515-55-73EM 15.6'144Hz/i7 10750H/16GB/1024SSD/6GBRTX2060/BlackRGB BL..

682.395 OMR

Acer Nitro5 AN515-55-73F9-15.6'144Hz-i7-10750H-24GB-1TB SSD-6GBGTX1660Ti-BlackBL-Mouse+headset+mousepad (NH.Q7PEM.00M)

Acer Nitro5 AN515-55-73F9-15.6'144Hz-i7-10750H24GB-1TB SSD-6GBGTX1660Ti-BlackBL-Mouse+headset+mousepad (NH.Q7PEM.00M)..

682.395 OMR

Acer Nitro5 AN515-55-73HX-15.6'144Hz-i7-10750H-16GB-1TB SSD-6GBGTX1660Ti-BlackBL-Mouse+headset+mousepad (NH.Q7PEM.00L)

AN515-55-73HX-15.6'144Hz-i7-10750H16GB1TB SSD-6GBGTX1660Ti-BlackBL-Mouse+headset+mousepad..

650.895 OMR

Acer Predator Helios3 PH315-53-71AQ 15.6'240Hz/i7 10870H/32GB/1024SSD/8GBRTX3080/BlackRGB BL (NH.QAVEM.002)

PH315-53-71AQ 15.6'240Hz/i7 10870H/32GB/1024SSD/8GBRTX3080/BlackRGB BL..

1,154.895 OMR

Acer Predator Helios3 PH315-53-77HV 15.6'240Hz/i7 10870H/32GB/1024SSD/8GBRTX3070/BlackRGB BL (NH.QATEM.002)

PH315-53-77HV 15.6'240Hz/i7 10870H/32GB/1024SSD/8GBRTX3070/BlackRGB BL..

871.395 OMR

Acer Predator Helios3 PH315-53-789C 15.6'240Hz/i7 10750H/24GB/1024SSD/6GBRTX3060/BlackRGB BL (NH.QAUEM.003)

PH315-53-789C 15.6'240Hz/i7 10750H/24GB/1024SSD/6GBRTX3060/BlackRGB BL..

766.395 OMR

Acer Spin3 SP313-51N-71AQ 13.3'WQXGA/i7 1165G7/8GB/512SSD/SilverFP BL/Evo (NX.A9VEM.002)

SP313-51N-71AQ 13.3'WQXGA/i7 1165G7/8GB/512SSD/SilverFP BL/Evo..

493.395 OMR

Acer Spin3 SP314-21-R8NW/14' FHD Touch/Ryzen 5 3500U/8GB/512GB SSD/Silver (NX.A4FEM.003)

SP314-21-R8NW/14' FHD Touch/Ryzen 5 3500U/8GB/512GB SSD/Silver..

283.395 OMR

Acer Spin3 SP314-21-R8SE/14' FHD Touch/Ryzen 3-3250/8GB/256GB SSD/Silver (NX.A4FEM.004)

SP314-21-R8SE/14' FHD Touch/Ryzen 3-3250/8GB/256GB SSD/Silver..

251.895 OMR

Acer Spin3 SP314-54N-36GW-14'FHDIPS-i3-1005G1-4GB-256SSD--SilverFPBL (NX.HQ7EM.00C)


251.895 OMR

Acer Swift3 SF314-59-53GS 14'FHD/i5 1135G7/8GB/512SSD/SilverFPBL/Evo (NX.A5UEM.001)

SF314-59-53GS 14'FHD/i5 1135G7/8GB/512SSD/SilverFPBL/Evo..

346.395 OMR

Acer Swift3 SF314-59-706M 14'FHD/i7 1165G7/16GB/1024SSD/SilverFP BL/Evo (NX.A5UEM.002)

SF314-59-706M 14'FHD/i7 1165G7/16GB/1024SSD/SilverFP BL/Evo..

451.395 OMR

Acer Swift5 SF514-55GT-75JX-14' FHD IPS Touch - i7-1165G7 - 16GB - 1024 SSD - 2GB MX350 - Mist Green FP BL (NX.HXAEM.001)

Acer Swift5 SF514-55GT-75JX-14' FHD IPS Touch - i7-1165G7 - 16GB - 1024 SSD - 2GB MX350 - Mist Green FP BL..

619.395 OMR

BenQ 4K HDR Short Throw DLP Gaming Projector TK700STi

✅ World’s First 4K HDR Gaming Projector with 4K@60Hz 16ms Low Latency✅ True 4K UHD Resolution (8.3 Million Pixels)✅ Game with Lightning-Quick 16ms Input Lag✅ Preset Game Modes (FPS, RPG & SPG)✅ Xbox Series X or PS5 Ready✅ HDR Game Compatibility (HDR10 /HLG)✅ Go..

681.450 OMR

BenQ GS2 Wireless Portable LED Projector

500 ANSI Lumens 100,000:1 Contrast Ratio  LED Light Source upto 30000 HoursResolution 720p Resolution Support upto Full HDWireless Projection* (for iOS/macOS, for AndroidTM, for PC)USB Type-C DisplayPort and Reader + HDMI + USB Type-A ports for multi-connectivity2-Watt Chamber Speakers x 2 (can be u..

282.450 OMR

BenQ EX600 Wireless Smart Projector, XGA, 3600 Lumens

3600L / XGA Resolution / 20,000:1 CR / 5-15K Lamp Hours / Built-In Wireless Projection via Air Play, Google Cast & Miracast / Android 6.0 Built-In / Smart Business Launcher Software / USB Reader / 2W x 1 Speaker / 3D / 1.1x Zoom / 1D Keystone / Digital Shrink & Shift / Digital Zoom / 2.5 kgs / 1.96~..

282.450 OMR

BenQ Mini Portable LED Projector

• Brightness : 200 ANSI Lumens • Contrast Ratio (FOFO): 100,000:1 • Speaker: 5W Chamber x 1 • Projection System: DLP 3430 • Resolution: 480p (854 x 480 pixels) • DMD type: 0.2" • Display Color: 1..

165.900 OMR

BenQ MX550 3600lm XGA Business Projector

• 3600 ANSI Lumen High Brightness for Stunning Presentations• 20,000:1 High Native Contrast for Crisp Readability• Dual HDMI inputs for multiplatform digital connectivity• Clear High Brightness for Small Well-Lit Meeting Rooms • High Contrast for Clear Text• Universal Multi HDMI & VGA Connectivity• ..

189.000 OMR

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